To Go Ware Cobranding

"WARE" Do You Want TO-GO?

Founded in 2004, To-Go Ware is committed to inspiring healthy lifestyle through food, community, and planet by providing products that are:


To-Go Ware brings common sense to the convenience of our "to-go" culture. By providing people with sustainable solutions and healthful alternatives to plastic waste, we hope to make the "throw-away" mentality a thing of the past. We ask you to participate in the process of positive change. Choose to reuse.

Our Core Values

  • Inspire people to live healthier lives.
  • Always seek ways to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Use our business to pay-it-forward.
  • Offer lasting & distinctive products that people enjoy.
  • Be transparent in our sourcing and accountable to best practices.

A simple, fashionable way to protect our planet every day. Whether going from the car to the salad bar, the house to the office, or school to summer camp, bamboo Utensil Sets are changing the way we eat on the go

Show your commitment to a reusable lifestyle with custom To-Go Ware RePEaT utensil sets. Custom To-Go Ware utensil sets are available in two sizes and are perfect for those with on-the-go lifestyles. Choose from a variety of colors to create an item that represents your unique brand.

These stainless steel tiffins are reusable lightweight and will keep you and your meals waste free. Great for both hot and cold foods, these Tiffins are easy to carry and clean, and hard to live without.

To-GoWare | Designing on-the-go alternatives to plastic

At ChicoBag, our mission is to help humanity bag the single use habit. We mean the wasteful, throw-away habit that overflows our landfills and clogs our oceans. We do this by advocating for waste reduction, and designing the highest quality, longest lasting reusable bags.

We partner with organizations, businesses, and schools who share our mission by co-branding our bags and a curated collection of other quality reusable alternatives to single-use waste. We offer products that empower people to take an active role in solving the single-use problem. At ChicoBag, we make bagging the single-use habit easy.